Chevron Amethyst Pendant. Sterling bail

$38.00 price excluding tax

Chevron Amethyst Pendant with a Sterling  Silver bail. Cut, shaped and polished in our workshop. The colors are purple with white banding. Chevron amethyst is  a naturally occurring crystal when amethyst and veins of white quartz are fuzzed or banded together in a v shaped pattern. It gets its name from the inverted V shape or zig zag known as chevron. Chevron amethyst can be found in colors of lavender, purple and milky white quartz. It can only found in India, Russia and Brazil. The largest regular amethyst mine is in Thunder Bay Ontario. Canada. Chevron Amethyst has been used for jewelry for over 2000 years.  Height  1/1/8″.  Width 3/4″.

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