Green Aventurine Slab Mined in India

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A sparkling slab of Green Aventurine¬† from India. This was cut from a large chunk in our workshop. This lime colored shade of green is made up of tiny fuchsite crystals and is a member of the quartz family. The colors can change depending on the impurities. There are deposits of Aventurine found around the world, but the largest and most important deposit is mined in Southern India. Green Aventurine is widely used around the world for figurines, sculptures, beads and for making beautiful cabochons. Green Aventurine is very translucent and is shimmering in the sunshine. Width 6 1/8″. Height 2 1/4″. Thickness 3/16″. Weight 4.7 oz.¬† (2) Photo was taken wet in natural sunlight.

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