Pair of Ocean Jasper Sterling Earrings

$18.00 price excluding tax

Pair of New and Handmade Ocean Jasper Earrings. Sterling Silver.  Genuine Ocean Jasper beads. Ocean Jasper is a multi colored stone that in mined in Madagascar. Also called Orbicular Jasper because of the circular orb pattern. It is very rare. Madagascar is the only known location where it is found.  There are no roads so everything is shipped by boat. The colors are purple, violet, green and white.  White, brown and green are  common, but it has been found in black, pink, blue, orange, yellow and gray. Another signature of Ocean Jasper are its intricate patterns. It is still mined, but has become difficult to come by. This is a one of a kind stone. Gift box included.  Total Length  1 1/2″ (G6)

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