Banded Onyx Slab From Arizona

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A great slab of Banded Onyx from Arizona. Cut from a large chunk in our  workshop. The colors are brown, tan and creamy white. The Arizona Onyx mines are located in Prescott. Mayer and Ash Fork. There are also mines in Mexico and one mine in Algeria. Onyx generally has parallel banding while agate has curved banding. Onyx is also a much softer non translucent stone. Onyx is formed by dissolved limestone and redeposited as a new kind of stone. Onyx stones can be cut or carved and made into jewelry. Beads made from onyx are a sight to behold. Width 5 1/2″. Height 3″. Thickness 1/ 4″. Weight 8.2 oz.  (1) Photo was taken wet in natural sunlight.

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