Petoskey Stone Pendant. Sterling Silver bail

$35.00 price excluding tax

Petoskey Stone Pendant with a Sterling Silver bail. Shaped and polished in our Lapidary workshop. Colors are light brown, tan with a white coral honeycomb pattern. The Petoskey Stone was named for a Native American Indian Chief Pet-O-Sega, which means Rising Sun or Sunbeam of Promise. Petoskey stones are found in certain areas of Northern Michigan. We like to go beachcombing for our stones in Spring when the waves bring new stones to shore. Petoskey Stones were moved by a glacier 70,000 years ago and deposited in this area of the state. Petoskey Stone is the State stone of Michigan. This is a stunning  Petoskey stone pendant.  Height  1/ 3/8″   Width  7/8″  (Petoskey Sone in background not included).   (P4)

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