Porcelain Jasper wire wrapped Pendant

$45.00 price excluding tax

Porcelain Jasper pendant. Wire wrapped with 925 Sterling Silver. Cut, shaped and polished in our workshop. Unique pattern.  Swirls of colors are white, black, gray and pink. Porcelain Jasper is also called Exotica or Sci Fi Jasper. It is mined in the Sierra Mountain of Sonora, Mexico. Porcelain Jasper is made up of broken fragment of rocks that healed into one solid piece. That process created the beautiful lines and patterns in the stone. The typical colors are white, gray, black, pink, peach and lavender. This pendant in the picture shows the true beauty of the stone.  It is Handmade and designed to be one of a kind.  Height 1 3/4″  Width 1″  (Q6)

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