Pair of Pudding Stone Earrings. Sterling Silver

$25.00 price excluding tax

Pair of Pudding Stone Earrings with red Jasper beads. Sterling Silver. These Puddingstone beads are  from Michigan.  This colorful stone can be found in much of the State of Michigan. Pudding Stone was given its name by British settlers on Drummond Island. It was said that it resembled a pudding that was popular in England.  These Earrings are Handmade and Unique. The bright colors of the stones are eye catching.  The red Jasper beads compliment the red Jasper in the Pudding Stone beads. The Earrings are Handmade and designed to be one of a kind.  High Quality. Gift box included. Total Length  1 1/2″  (E5)

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