Pair of Sodalite Earrings With Sterling Silver

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Pair of Sodalite Earrings with white Crystals. Sterling Silver.  New and Handmade. The colors of the three Sodalite beads are royal blue with a white veining of calcite. The small beads are white Crystals. Europeans first  discovered Sodalite in 1811. It did not become popular until vast deposits of Sodalite were discovered in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada in 1891. There are smaller deposits found in Brazil. Raw sodalite is fluorescent with colors of blue and purple with the correct ultra violet light source. Blue colors in natural stones are rare.  Sodalite has been cut and carved for statues and used for decorative objects and jewelry for many years. These beautiful earrings are Handmade from Brazilian Sodalite. Designed to be one of a kind. Gift box included. Total length  1 3/4″   (B9)

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